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Who We Are

Crazy… Passionate… Sentimentalists…

We were born in the 1970s, in the same street, both children of farmers. From very early on we saw the difficulties our parents had to overcome: crowded houses and a lot of work, both at home and on the land, on the daily journey.

The children helped between school hours and it was at this time that values were transmitted and life was educated. We lacked everything that money could buy, but we were happy and we were “rich”… Rich because we had a plentiful table, we shared everything, our neighbours helped us with the harvest, the slaughter of the pig… However, being a farmer was, and still is today, synonymous with having an arduous and badly paid profession.

Gorete e Eugénio Quinta do Agricultor

Quem Somos - Eugénio

How did this idea come about?

In 2017, tourism began to have some expression, we felt the curiosity to taste milk and the demand for contact with cows grow (this animal is the ex-libris of the green landscapes of the Azores), together with the sharp decline in the price of milk and, as a result, the idea of spreading the experience of Azorean milk and its derivatives to tourists was born. Our initial idea was to give people visiting us the opportunity to milk the cow and taste the milk and its more traditional and artisanal derivatives, in a place that was safe both for the animal and for the visitors.

The current reality

While we were immersed in this mission, we realized that our childhood memories, such a recent past, were slipping through our fingers… The agricultural implements, which gave way to machinery and cutting-edge technology, today burn in bonfires or rot abandoned in a corner; the crockery and kitchen utensils of our grandmothers, which fed so many mouths, end up in the trash, as they are of no use and have no space in our modern kitchens and homes; the crops, which guaranteed our sustainability, gave way to roads and buildings…


What cultural heritage will we leave to our granddaughter? What values? Our children are left with only pale memories of the rich experience of their grandparents… All of this moved us and moved us to do something more.

Quem Somos - Restaurar património - Quinta do Agricultor

Our mission

Adding a good dose of madness, in the hope of recovering and perpetuating those memories, passionate as we are about Nature, grateful to our parents for what we are today, we gave a home to the nostalgia of those other times and so Quinta do Agricultor was born.


Its humble stone house, full of History, is a welcoming stage where the main characters are all those who visit us and like to experience living in harmony with Nature. Everything here is once again integrated in a truly sustainable cycle and we are able to show our grandparents’ life experience to the younger generation, teach them the value of sharing and, at the same time, reveal gratitude for evolution. Without pen and paper, without computers and internet, at the Farmer’s Farm, we can tell the story of who was rich and happy, making the past our present.

Come and meet us as visitors and leave as friends

See you soon

Gorete e Eugénio

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